Blatant Racist is Blatant


Genocide, huh?  I don’t think so.

You commit genocide when you actively and intentionally exterminate a large group of people, usually of a particular ethnic group or nationality.  Hitler committed genocide against the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe.  Stalin committed genocide against the Ukrainians, killing millions by man-made famine.  Pol Pot committed genocide against the Cambodian people.  If armed groups roamed our cities, dragging people into the streets and shooting them dead just for being white, that would definitely count as genocide.  But that’s not happening, at least not on a worldwide scale.

Don’t get me wrong: people with white skin have certainly been killed in genocides, but it was generally not the color of their skin that made them targets.  Most genocides that disproportionately affect white people are actually targeted at ethnic, religious, or political groups that also happen to be white.   What justification, then, is there for using the words white genocide?

Perhaps the maker of this meme adheres to the ideas advanced by the White Genocide Project.  The WGP believes that the movement of “non-White immigrants into traditionally White countries over a period of years” is just as destructive to white culture as if somebody were actively mowing us down in the streets.  And what is the agent of this destruction?  “Forced assimilation” (which is really a racist code word for “cultural diversity”), they say.  To introduce cultural and racial diversity into “traditionally White” countries is to dilute and effectively destroy white culture.  To “support” their claims, the WGP refers to Article II, part (C) of the United Nations resolution on genocide, in which genocide is partially defined as:

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

Yes, that’s right.  The WGP believes that having to tolerate people who are different from them is not only detrimental, but destructive to their way of life and to their race.  The only way to preserve the white race, they say, is to stop the free movement of people with different ideas, languages, and skin colors across national borders.  In other words, every national border, particularly the borders of “traditionally White countries”, should be an impermeable barrier, if I’m reading their message correctly.

Let’s be honest about what the WGP and its supporters are really afraid of.  It isn’t genocide – that’s patently ridiculous – it’s being marginalized.  I suspect these people fear that if white people become a minority-majority, we will be removed from our traditional place of power – forced to live the way others live now.  What ever can we do?

The meme doesn’t actually suggest how we might stop “white genocide”, it only tries to paint “multiracialism” in the most horrific light possible.  Here the author shows his true colors; he is blatantly racist but some deeply-repressed region in his brain realizes that his bigotry is not supported by reason.  To ease his uncertainty, he imagines the most horrible possible outcome – the extermination of white culture and the white race – and paints it as a statistical certainty.  He wants you to agree – not because your collective power will be able to turn the tide of demographic evolution – but because he needs to know that he is not afraid alone.

Do not grant him that luxury.  Bigots who use loaded words like “genocide” to sway public opinion do not deserve our support.  Even by posting this meme – if only to tear it apart – I feel that I am giving it more recognition than it deserves.  It’s time to leave these relics where they belong – alongside the fossils of yesterday’s attitudes – and move forward to a future of existing as a species, and not as fractured races.  That might be foolishly sanguine of me, but I feel that it beats living in fear.

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