Fifth Floor: Ladies’ Apparel, Douchebags

How a woman dresses, by Floyd Mayweather

This bit of douchebaggery was attributed to Floyd Mayweather, a professional American boxer.  I don’t know if Mayweather actually said this or not, but it doesn’t matter:  it’s still reprehensible.

I feel like I’ve covered this before (in fact, I’m sure I have), but I guess it bears repeating:  Nobody asks to be disrespected.  Saying that a woman’s attire makes her responsible for the horrible things visited upon her by unscrupulous idiots is dumb.  It’s dumb, and it’s reckless.  When you say things like this, you are implicitly giving your consent to all levels of disrespect, including verbal abuse, physical abuse, even rape, because a woman stepped out of the house wearing clothes that were, in your opinion, immodest.  You’re also suggesting that it’s not your fault what you do to her, since you’re just responding to her advertisement.

What a tool.  What an utter tool.  If you made, passed on, or agree with this meme, then I want you to go to your room and repeat the following words until you understand them:

Women are human beings who have rights, just like me.  A woman might dress in ways that I personally find immodest, but that does not allow me or anyone else to disrespect, abuse, or harm her.  I should stop perpetuating the idea that women are responsible for all the evils that befall them.

When you understand what’s wrong with this meme, you can come out of your room.

2 thoughts on “Fifth Floor: Ladies’ Apparel, Douchebags

  1. I just happened on to this page, and I had to mention that I’m gutted that I hadn’t thought of it myself, it’s brilliant, non bias and well thought out, congratulations
    A new fan

    • Well, thank you very much, and welcome! Some people would probably argue with you about how non-biased my blog is, but I’m glad you enjoy it. Thank you for reading and for commenting!

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