A Woman’s Job

A Real Woman

I think we should declare an indefinite moratorium on phrases that start with the words “A real woman” or “A real man”. I’m uncomfortable with the word real, because what is the alternative? Fake? If a woman allows her man to leave the house hungry and/or horny, is she a cyborg? That seems unlikely.

This is utter objectification; can we agree to that? A woman is a real-live human, complete with her own needs and wants. If you’re a man and your lover is diligent to feed and fu…ahem, copulate with you, and if you’re both happy with that arrangement, then good for both of you. But if you feel that she owes it to you, and that she’s not a real woman unless she satiates your every desire, then you, sir, are a tool. I humbly suggest that you spend some time single, until you’ve deeply meditated on what it means to respect another human being.

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