Straight Pride

Straight Pride

As I’ve discussed before, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, as long as that pride doesn’t evolve into a sense of superiority. If you’re proud of being straight, so be it…just don’t be one of those people who thinks that being straight makes you better than people who aren’t straight.

But let’s be clear about one thing: The Pride in Gay Pride is not just about liking yourself for who you are. It’s about standing firm in the face of real and ongoing discrimination. Remember, about two thirds of the states in this country ban gay marriages, according to, and there have been recent pushes by various state legislatures to make it legal for businesses to discriminate against gay people. Despite growing acceptance of LGBT people nationwide, there are still plenty of folks who want to make it clear that gay people are personae non gratae. That’s why the LGBT community needs Gay Pride.

Straight people have never been discriminated against. Ever. Don’t bother telling me how it offends your straight sensibilities when you’re forced to be nice to gay people. Don’t bother griping about how it’s a violation of your religious rights that you can’t be as hateful as you want to be. That’s grasping at straws and you know it. You and I are still allowed to be straight, and nobody is forcing us to hide our straightness. We can marry whomever we want (except for certain close relatives, and with good reason). We never have to worry that our state legislature is going to allow business owners to refuse to serve us on the basis of our sexuality. We never have to worry that somebody is going to murder us for being straight.

And because we don’t have to stand up to anti-straight discrimination, we don’t need Straight Pride. It’s really sort of demeaning to LGBT people when you co-opt a phrase that was meant to inspire people who had faced oppression from their very own government. It reduces the importance of the phrase; and more importantly, it betrays you as a person who cares more about his own privilege than about the struggles of others.

3 thoughts on “Straight Pride

  1. being proud of anything that is out of you control, like color, nationality or sexual orientation is idiotic. pride itself is stupid as it is.

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