Proof Negative

100 proof

Oh sweet delicious irony.

I guess the proof rating system is pretty strange to the uninitiated, but here’s how it works. In the United States, the proof rating of an alcoholic beverage is actually twice the percent alcohol by volume (or % ABV). One hundred proof alcohol is really only 50% ABV, with most of the rest being water. That’s what’s so funny about this meme. In an attempt to sound bad-ass, the creator has hilariously undermined his or her credibility!

The person who injected this meme into Facebook’s bloodstream led with the following comment: “Love this! STAY FULL STRENGTH!” which only heightens the hilarity. Several people responded to point out the error, but were loudly and rudely rejected by people who didn’t want to be bothered by complex mathematical operations like dividing by 2. I guess it just goes to show that there are an awful lot of people who would rather be loud than right.

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