Pot Puffin

Pot Puffin

I can see why a puffin wouldn’t be concerned about legalizing gay marriage or pot, but I wonder what issues he thinks are more pressing. Maybe he thinks the United States should focus its attention and resources on expanding fish populations in the Arctic. Do puffins lobby?

Anyway…least important? I beg to differ, utterly transparent conservative meme maker. Let’s start with cannabis; as I’ve mentioned before, I cannot think of any good reasons why weed should be illegal, particularly if alcohol and tobacco aren’t. Why is the legalization of pot a pressing issue? Because tens of thousands of people are being sent to prison for nothing more than a few grams. Furthermore, black people are far more likely than white people to be jailed for cannabis-related “offenses”, despite the fact that black people and white people use pot with about the same frequency, or so says Dylan Matthews in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog. If we cannot come up with legitimate data-supported reasons why cannabis should be illegal, then draft laws that affect everyone equally (and in my opinion, we cannot), then perhaps it’s time to rethink our position.

Now, let’s talk about gay marriage and why it’s such an important issue, worthy of our consideration. Like it or not, Mr Insensitive Puffin, gay people are human too (just like gay puffins are puffins, I guess). Our nation was built on the notion that all people, gay or straight, black or white, man or woman, were created equal. (Cue American flag waving in the background.) We’ve fought wars about this, for crying out loud. If we’re going to claim to be a nation that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then we cannot use our religious convictions as an excuse to strip people of the rights we take for granted, like the right to marry whom we choose. We need to ensure that all people can enjoy the right to get hitched, or else we’ve fallen short of our most basic goal. In that case, there’s no point in pursuing the issues you consider to be more important (presumably, determining whether President Obama is a US citizen or not).

Look, Mr Conservative Puffin, your motives are obvious. You increasingly find yourself swimming against the tide of public opinion, so you wish to switch oceans (and I think my metaphor got waterlogged). But it doesn’t work that way. Conservative puffins have spent years blathering on about the dangers inherent in legalizing pot, gay marriage, and about a dozen other things that don’t mesh with their idea of traditional American values. When the world changes without you, you cannot simply claim that these issues are no longer important. They’re important now more than ever; you’ve made sure of that. Now is the time to address them.

2 thoughts on “Pot Puffin

  1. I am going to both agree and disagree with you on this matter. One the one hand, I agree with you. Pot, it has been shown, is no more dangerous or addictive than tobacco or booze, and in some ways less so. I believe that the oaths of Gay people when it comes to marriage should be respected as much as those by Straight people.

    I am going to disagree about the idea that they are as pressing as others. Certainly, the national debt needs to be dealt with post haste. When your nation owes trillions of dollars…it is not free, debt is slavery, and that is slavery beyond calculation. The shrinking size of the military to pre-WW1 levels when at the insistence of other nations we basically have to work as the world’s police force and military…needs looking at. That the President wants a Civilian Armed Force that answers only to the president that is of the same size and better equiped than the standing Military that answers to the Nation…needs looking at. The situation with Russia, China, the still unresolved issue of Islamic extremism, the growing political unrest through out the areas of Eastern Europe and Middle East…are concerning.
    With the number of international issues that need to be seriously dealt with…pot and marriage do seem a bit less pressing. Important, certainly, deserving of attention, especially, top of the list…no.

    • I appreciate your well-reasoned response. Regarding Obama’s Civilian Armed Force, I was only able to find one reference to it in a speech from 2008, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be part of his agenda now. Whether he misspoke or was misquoted, or if he actually intended to establish an Orwellian police state, we may never know.

      In any case, I understand and appreciate your position; I felt that the meme was completely dismissive of these issues because the author no longer wishes to consider them.

      Thank you for your comment.

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