Psst…Things You Can Find With Google Aren’t Secrets.

Patent 5676977

I’ll save you the trouble. 5676977 refers to the number of a United States Patent filed by one Marvin S Antelman of Rehovot, Israel, on May 31, 1996. The subject of the patent is “tetrasilver tetroxide”, or Ag4O4, a “diamagnetic semiconducting molecular crystal… utilized for destroying the AIDS virus, destroying AIDS synergistic pathogens and immunity suppressing moieties (ISM) in humans.”

A cure for AIDS? Certainly that would be the medical breakthrough of the century! Why is this such a secret (and here we’re using the word secret to mean a matter of public record that can be accessed by anybody with an Internet connection)? There are two possible explanations: the rational explanation and the one favored by paranoid conspiracy theorists. Given that this meme seems to be the work of the latter group, let’s start with that explanation.

Big Pharma and Big Government are at it again! Or so say the conspiracy theorists, predictably. This meme seems to imply that the cure for AIDS has been right under our noses for almost two decades, and yet this plague runs unchecked around the world, destroying families and ruining lives. Why, they cry out, why isn’t anybody manufacturing tetrasilver tetroxide by the ton and ending this dread disease? Because, they say, shadowy figures whose red glowing eyes peer out from beneath wide-brimmed hats are working day and night to prevent any AIDS cure from seeing the light of day! And why would they do that? Simple: pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars on AIDS medications, and governments use AIDS as a means of population control. Put those two factors together, and humanity is certain to never see an end to the AIDS scourge.

It all works out so perfectly: the nefarious forces of darkness (not to be confused with the good-natured forces of darkness) are suppressing any and all drugs that could end the single most profitable and useful disease to ever befall man. They know Ag4O4 will stop HIV in its tracks, but to allow its production would vaporize their strangle-hold on the reins of power. Tetrasilver tetroxide must be hidden away forever!

Except…it isn’t hidden. As I said before, US Patent 5676977 is freely available on the Internet, on a website that is run by the United States government! If the government wants to hide tetrasilver tetroxide from the world, they’re doing a crummy job of it.

Let’s approach this question from a slightly more level-headed perspective, shall we? Is there any reason (other than greed and cruelty) that pharmaceutical companies are not manufacturing Ag4O4 en masse to combat AIDS? Only one comes to mind: because Ag4O4 is not an effective AIDS treatment or cure.

Mention that to a conspiracy theorist and they’ll regurgitate a string of anecdotal accounts about people who swallowed, inhaled, brushed against, or hashtagged Ag4O4 and were HIV-free within seconds. Ask them to produce peer-reviewed studies, however, and they are less forthcoming. To date, there are no clinical studies indicating that tetrasilver tetroxide is effective as an AIDS cure. It may have anti-microbial properties and would be a useful treatment for small wounds, but that’s a far cry from stopping a full-blown viral immune disorder.

And lest the conspiracy nuts claim that Big Pharma won’t allow clinical trials to proceed, I would like to remind them that Big Pharma (whatever that actually means) does not control every lab-testing group on the entire planet. If a compound as simple as Ag4O4 were an effective cure for AIDS, somebody would have uncovered evidence of that fact and made it public. Lack of evidence is not evidence in itself.

Based on my reading of HIV-positive forums, it seems that many people living with HIV/AIDS take a very dim view of people who promulgate quack cures like Ag4O4, and who can blame them? It is the height of cruelty to sell false hope. These people would be the first to sing the praises of a simple AIDS cure that actually worked. They aren’t singing anything kind about Ag4O4.

Edited: I originally said that Marvin Antelman was from Rehovot, Illinois. In fact, he is from Rehovot, Israel. Apparently Israel and Illinois use the same two-letter code. Now I know.


78 thoughts on “Psst…Things You Can Find With Google Aren’t Secrets.

  1. “Lack of evidence is not evidence in itself.” You did not back up your claim at all. It was your opinion. In my opinion you’re a dumbass.

    • Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. Of course your insult does nothing to sway MY opinion, but hey…I hope you feel better now. If you would like to provide some actual evidence in support of your claim, I’ll be glad to consider it. Thanks for reading.

      • I have to disagree based on blackjack’s reasoning. This is nothing more than a rant equal to the conspiracy theorists you mentioned. You didn’t back any of it up but instead put down those you disagreed with.

      • I have to agree with you, LC. I’m currently taking Statistics in Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine so unless their claims are backed by clinical studies that say it works and I actually see the figures and do the math on those statistics, I do not believe it is a cure. I’m sorry people are giving you grief about this.

      • That’s stupid… I was reading this long blog hoping to find something interesting somewhere… Find out if you had any evidence that tetrasilver tetroxide was an internet hoax… Turn out you got nothing except your condescending judgement at people who makes the same kind of assumptions as you do.

      • *sigh* How many times must I explain the concept of “burden of proof”?

        I never said tetrasilver tetroxide was an Internet hoax. It’s a real patent, filed by a real person, for a drug that most likely does nothing against HIV/AIDS. People have latched onto it in the hopes that it can cure AIDS, but the research just isn’t there. That’s all I’ve ever said. I’m sorry if you were hoping to read more, but that’s the way it is.

  2. “This is nothing more than a rant”
    Um, yeah. That’s pretty much the stated purpose of my blog. I collect the memes I think are stupid and explain why I think they’re stupid. It seems to me that you don’t like my style. Well, that’s okay, but I’m not going to stop doing it. If you don’t like my blog, you don’t have to read it.

    For anybody else who wants to accuse me of not backing up anything I’ve said, please remember that the burden of proof is on the claimant, not the skeptic. I said that there have been no clinical trials proving the efficacy of tetrasilver tetroxide as an AIDS treatment, and that’s true. I also explained why I thought that this meme was indicative of most other “conspiracy theory” memes, and since that’s a matter of opinion I don’t really have to justify it. I never made a factual claim requiring evidence; however, Marvin Antelman and his adherents do make factual claims, for which supporting evidence is lacking.

    So I’m sorry if you disagree with me. As I’ve said numerous times, that’s certainly your right. If you want to shut me up, it’s quite easy. Provide clinical evidence. Don’t make excuses about why there isn’t any. And don’t imagine that I have to prove that Ag4O4 doesn’t work, because I don’t.

    Also, thanks for reading.

    • Hey, I get it. Just thought your blog would actually have a point to it. I stand corrected.

      Regardless, you’re absolutely right: I don’t have to read your life wasting material. I’ll go find something more worthwhile online. Won’t be hard.

      • If you want evidence try the fact that taking this compound internally will turn you blue. My guess is that patent was just some troll.

      • Well the comments escalated quickly lol.

        Btw I never said anything about finding somebody to agree with me. But it is nice to know you like to assume things about your readers. There’s an old saying about making assumptions too lol

      • I was just surprised that you hadn’t found anything less life-wasting with which to fill your day, and that you had time to grace my lowly blog with your presence. But there I go assuming again.

      • Knight Ryder…just an innocent thought here….but maybe you’re the ignorant one for chiding someone based on their opinion in a country of free speech. I mean, the blog is ‘stupidbadmemes’ this is not a fight or flight moment….lighten up! The title of the blog alone should tell u all u need to know. It’s not that deep! I also have ‘wasted my life’ (although I see it on a slightly brighter side than all that drama) reading all comments…lol and im sorry but the amount of effort you’ve put into commenting here repeatedly and so negatively is a pretty self evident joke on u! Hahaha! Maybe you don’t get the joke but I made myself laugh today and that’s all that counts 🙂

      • Knight Ryder, I see that your sole purpose here is to troll. I don’t know what you think you’re accomplishing: you’re not making me angry and you’re not changing my mind. I believe I’ve let it go on just about long enough. Good day sir.

    • As I pointed out before, it’s not my responsibility to disprove anything. Also, I’m not 100% certain what you’re accusing me of. Please feel free to elaborate.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. I enjoy reading your opinion, but unfortunately I think it’s more to satisfaction of your own fears than anything. Either outcome would be quite scary, because we haven’t heard here nor there if these tests actually did or did not work. There are no tests to be found period. Interesting idea, but I think you helped the “conspiracy theorists” as you put it.

    • Hi Snoopy. I’m not sure to whom you’re replying, but I’m not particularly afraid, and I don’t see how I’ve helped the conspiracy theorists. Perhaps you’d care to elaborate. If you weren’t addressing me, then please disregard this comment.

      • I’ve elaborated plenty. I wrote a whole blog post about it. I was merely asking him to clarify his position so I could respond appropriately. I don’t think that’s a crime.

  4. What about magic Johnson? Didn’t he have AIDS? Maybe my facts are wrong, but I think he’s still alive and either doesn’t have AIDS anymore, or is living a perfectly fine life while having it for the past 20 yrs. Is he ok because he had the money to survive?

    • Magic Johnson is still HIV-positive, but he has been fortunate in that the virus has progressed slowly in his body. I suspect his wealth and fame have afforded him some treatment options that other people might not have access to, but he has NOT been cured.

      • I don’t know if he still is but at one time
        Magic was on a cocktail that my 1st cousin and others
        in Minneapolis Mn acted as lab rats for since he found out he was HIV positive in the late 80’s early 90’s,

  5. lol these commenters are pathetic, just like the people that will blindly repost the bullshit this post is responding to. i agree with basically everything you said! thanks for putting this up

      • You’re a bit smug and not entirely in the realms of scientific argumentation. How about you use your writing skills for something more productive? You merely drafted an opinion on a rather extensive and complex subject. You’re biased and confabulating. Still, I find you intelligent and you’re on the way to become a critical thinker. If you’re gay, young and hot you can write me. I’m from Munich, though. ^_^ huuugs

  6. Awww, how nice of you to condescend to me, and then try to flirt. Yeah, no thanks.

    For future reference: Confabulate
    1: to talk informally: chat.
    2: to hold a discussion: confer.
    3: to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication.

    Which one of these are you accusing me of?

  7. Your post is hateful and is simply an attack to “conspiracy theorist”
    I just did a reasearch on google and the fist click gave me that information

    A single dose of TST at 40particle per million increased the white blood cell from 10 to 350 and would have enlenghted the life of terminally ill patient of 3years 8 time out of 10

    I’m not a doctor but that sounds good…

    The articale date 2006

  8. ¿Te has preguntado por qué tu post se volvió famoso el 26 de junio? Porque ese día salió el meme en 9gag y todos andamos vueltos locos tratando de entender la verdad sobre el #5676977.

    Saludos y gracias por leerme en español como yo te leí en ingles.

  9. People complain that you didnt back up your facts. Yet many of the things you said are blatantly false. A good example is that you claim there are no previous trials for tetrasilver tetroxide in regards to HIV. And while none of those trials show it is an all out cure, there have been numerous small sample-size trials. So it appears you are as uneducated on the matter as the conspiracy theorists you put down. Here is just one reference that shows 1) the fact that scientists do regularly try to do studies on this compound for HIV and 2) references several other studies for this purpose. So please, in the future, stop bitching about the world and actually learn some fricking science.

    • Well, thank you for at least acknowledging that the conspiracy theorists are uneducated. As for me, well I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree. Thank you for insulting me, though. I hope you feel better about yourself.

      Regarding your link; the author himself points out that much more research is needed; also, he never posits that silver nanoparticles can actually cure AIDS. You seem to understand this, but you have failed to understand that I said the exact same thing. So I’m really not sure what you’re trying to prove by posting this article.

  10. Thanks for posting this! I find your points to be very logical and thought provoking, while I may not entirely agree with you I have enjoyed reading the article and comments on this issue( I would call it a debate but that would imply that both sides are presenting arguments whereas it’s just you getting called an anticonspiracy conspiracy theorist) be sure to post more!

  11. You speak ill of “conspiracy theorists” as if everything they said is just to rant about a political agenda that is hidden to the public. Everything is on the internet, including factual documentation that is found everyday like More than half the “theories” can’t be called as such when they are being proven to be facts. The AIDS virus was also given to the homosexuals to erradicate them by, guess who?

    • Im not entirely sure if this goes for every state or city, but before you donate they ask males if they had sexual intercourse with any other men since like 1970. There must be a good reason for only asking the men for this question.

    • Your link leads to a story that requires a subscription to read. Plus, as far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with tetrasilver tetroxide.

      I speak ill of conspiracy theorists because it has been my experience that most of them will accept anything that condemns the government/Big Pharma/etc without the slightest crumb of critical thought. Now I’m not saying the government hasn’t done some pretty shady things, but some of the accusations made by conspiracy theorists are so far from the realm of possibility that it staggers the mind. This whole AIDS thing is just one example. Why are people so quick to believe that AIDS is a manufactured disease? Why are people so eager to accept that the government is keeping AIDS around as a means of population control? I mean, that’s pretty evil even for our government. But people seem hell-bent to accept it. I’m just trying to suggest that there might be a more rational explanation for why tetrasilver tetroxide isn’t being produced in great quantities to combat AIDS. You can accept my explanation, or you can reject it. But if you want to convince me, you’re going to have to present a standard of evidence that is far above anything that’s been shared here so far.

      • AIDS is man made,
        All of the following are documented facts, but as far as I can see, they never say it was for population control or money. It has evolved into that, much like cancer. They banned stem cell research because its “inhumane”, but spraying chemicles and poisoning the water isn’t guess. (Flouride was used as a weapon in WW2 and the main ingredient in Prozac.)

      • I love the rants and the mere fact that these dense people argue with you over your opinion (how do you argue against an opinion!) makes me happy I have an internet connection. I was smart enough to pick up what you were putting down. Even if none of these people are it’s no cause for worry. The ones that matter are getting it. Ha!

  12. Ok LC
    I am not saying that tetrasilver tetroxide is any good in curing any infection at all, but as I read your post I felt pretty provoced, since I am a very critical thinker. I did a lot of internet research on a big variation of “conspiracy theories” and of course you are not a very intelligent person if you believe all of that out of nothing. But I found many theories to be very convincing or at least absolutely undisprovable.
    Anyways if I had the resources (which would be a willing AIDS-patient) do to a study with tetrasilver tetroxide I would. But the fact I can’t do a study like that, doesn’t mean that tetrasilver tetroxide is not effective against AIDS.
    Basically this comment is just meant to set a contrast to your… well let’s say opinion.
    P.S.: I am not “accusing” you of anything. This is not a law court. And calm down with your replies to the comments here, man. It’s completely ridiculous to answer in the way you do, for instance your: “do you feel better now?” Like it wouldn’t be about making you feel better yourself.

    • You say “But the fact I can’t do a study like that, doesn’t mean that tetrasilver tetroxide is not effective against AIDS”. Right, but that doesn’t mean it is effective. As I’ve said before, the burden of proof is on the claimant, not the skeptic. If the claimant cannot prove that Ag4O4 is an effective AIDS treatment, then there is no reason to accept his claims. It is not the skeptics’ responsibility to demonstrate that Ag4O4 isn’t effective, and our failure to do so does not lend support to the notion that Ag4O4 is effective. That’s just not how science works.

      When somebody insults me, I can only imagine they do so as a means to make themselves feel more important. I can’t see any other reason for insulting me: it isn’t going to change my mind; in fact, it makes me less willing to accept what the other person is saying. So my “feel better now?” response is an acknowledgement that the only person who gets anything “positive” from an insult…is the insulter.

      I’m sorry you find my manner of responding “ridiculous”; I believe I have responded to each comment in a manner that was appropriate. Of course you’re free to disagree, but I would like to remind you that nobody forced you to read the comments. If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to start your own blog, and you can respond to comments however you wish. I won’t chide you for it.

  13. LOLOLOLOL ok so excuse the following bad grammar, I am on a very shtty cell phone. Screen is spder web cracked onthe bottom half makingt hard to read until I scroll the screen to the top, the a nd I buttons don’t always regster and severalother issues. Anyways this blog wasn’t to bad and the writer brought out some damn good ponts. The claim that there is a cure to aids is HUGE andshould be backed up by trials and so on. This “cure” has been circulating for years, I first saw this almost 14 years ago, and by now someone would have tried it. For all of you who defend ths claim I would like to say that everything you read on the internet is not true. Wkipedia is not a relable source for writng a paper. Facebook is not closing on june 31st, clicking “like” on a pcture wont actually donate money to a photoshopped pic of some suffering kid and this will never be the cure to aids. Reality is a cold heartless bitch sometmes and. Get it you really want to believe that there is a cure to aids and that the bg bad government is suppressing it. Because then you all could just blame the government for all your problems instead of just accepting your own damn faults or that shit just happens.

    • Yea….what he said, shit just happens sometimes. Not everything is a conspiracy!
      Great read! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post as well as all the comments. Not only did the author reply to comments (which I love, and is rare in many blogs!) but did so consistently and with a candor I envy! I’m a first time reader that shall return! I think regardless of your position, it’s amazing to be living in the information age. So many people reading and researching and learning! Knowledge is power and these debates among us are a good thing, even if they get a little ’emotional’ at times 🙂

      • Thank you for reading and for commenting. I’ve tried to keep up with the comments, but it’s become an all-day job today!

  14. tetrasilver tetroxide damages the liver and there are studies showing that it was not an actual cure that is why it is just a patent and nothing has been presented to the FDA..

      • For those of you commenting and criticizing the author, I would like to remind you that it is his blog and he’s free to write whatever he wants, right or wrong. To read or not to is definitely your choice and to believe or not to.
        Also the fact that I agree with him. Did see lots of medicines that could slow down the HIV but nothing along the lines of a cure. In fact numerous scientists are still working on a cure in different countries. I’m also certain that humanity has not degraded to that extent to keep such a life changing discovery from the world. At least for now.
        Also thanks and good work.

  15. its just funny to watch droves of people taking offence to a statement/blog that states the obvious but invites censure only because the guy does so, cheekily. All that the guy says is this – stuff cure disease? yes? grab stuff try, find out. evidence? no! phuck you

  16. Haha I’m reading the comments below and am shocked that people think that you need anymore evidence than the common sense LC just laid out. I worked in an immunology lab, and I will tell you that the scientists there are not under the control of Big Pharma (or whatever) and would jump on this in a second if it meant a ticket to instant wealth.. but it’s not an effective treatment. It’s actually comical if you read the description under the patent. You cannot “electrocute” AIDS with any compund – anyone with basic college biology/chemistry knowledge would know that. It turns out you can patent anything, regardless of whether or not it actually works! (conspiracy theorist’s playground right there) LC you are a wise man, thank you for standing against the paranoia of our society – which honestly is a virus almost as damaging as AIDS. Skepticism is good, but without common sense and education it becomes paranoia.

    • First: Thank you for pointing out my error. Rehovot is indeed in Israel, not Illinois. I will correct this immediately. But first…

      I absolutely did read the patent application. Prior to a few moments ago, though, I did not know that IL was the two-letter code for Israel as well as for Illinois, so when I read “Rehovot, IL”, I naturally assumed the city was located in the United States. My mistake was reinforced by the next line, which references “Providence, RI”, a city I’m 100% certain is in the United States. Next time I see the abbreviation IL, I will be more careful. For your part, you can be more careful not to make rash assumptions about what people have or haven’t read based on a very simple, very understandable error.

      Now that we’ve settled that, let me re-emphasize my main point: Marvin Antelman’s address does not change the fact that tetrasilver tetroxide has never been demonstrated to be an effective treatment or cure for AIDS.

  17. All I have to say is! THANKS! You’re the rare one who thinks rationally. These conspiracy theorists always say to do your own research and you will see! And I’m like, how is googling something and clicking on one link researching something? Lol, most of them just repost pictures and believe anything that read. Anyway, loved your post!

    • Thank you very much for reading and for commenting. I agree with you: the problem is that the kind of person who latches onto the crazier conspiracy theories has a very low standard of evidence. They already know what they want to believe, and it only takes a few loosely-related bits of “evidence” to convince them. If you express skepticism regarding their claims, you become the enemy. It’s not hard to see why, really. I believe that some people are so invested in their pet conspiracy theories that to question the theory is, in a way, questioning the value of the theorist. I think that when you say “show me the evidence”, they hear it as “you’re not good enough for me to take you at your word” and become offended.

      Of course, I could be wrong. I’m quite certain somebody will tell me I am. Anyway, thanks again for your kind comment.

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  19. Stupid bad memes…and they STILL thought this blog would contain the holy grail of information, lol. Wow. Good luck LC. Appears you’ve got your work cut out for ya dealing with these….Geniuses 🙂

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