Shirting The Issue

Mans Shirt on Female Body

Okay, a couple of things:

  1. If a woman is wearing a shirt of any kind, she isn’t technically naked, is she?
  2. Also, the conquering of a fortress is usually a pretty violent process, and performed against the will of its inhabitants. Are you sure this is the analogy you want to make?

Okay, I get it: if you’re a man who has managed to convince a woman to have sex with you, against all odds, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. And if she puts on one of your work shirts to lounge around in, well, that is pretty hot. No doubt you’re feeling like quite the stud, and that’s okay. But be careful not to let that testosterone rush go to your head. Remember this: if you’re any kind of man at all, then she gave her love to you willingly. There was no conquering involved, nor should there ever be (unless she specifically asked to be conquered, with safe words and all). It’s a horrible metaphor for getting laid, and if you can’t figure out why, then maybe you should stay out of the dating scene until you get it all worked out.

It’s not that difficult: women are people, and as such they have basic rights, including the right to have sex with anybody they want to as long as that person is legally, psychologically, and in all other ways capable of giving their consent. If you are the other consenting adult in this equation, be grateful, but don’t be a lout. There are enough of those in the world already.


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