Really? Hmm, that’s an interesting historical tidbit. I cannot tell whether this meme is meant to be tongue-in-cheek or not, so I’ll assume that it isn’t.

I will agree that some gun control proponents have had racist intentions; in fact, the Founding Fathers, on whom conservative gun rights advocates often base their arguments, devised a set of gun control laws so restrictive that any candidate espousing them today would be committing political suicide. Under their laws, not only were blacks (free or enslaved) forbidden from owning guns, but so were any white people that would not pledge their fealty to the cause of the Revolution, or so says Adam Winkler, writing for The Atlantic. In fact, says Winkler, anybody who was eligible to own a gun was also required to do so…and we know how modern conservatives feel about being required by the government to purchase something. Bear in mind that this was long before the first Ku Klux Klan was formed in 1865. Even if the meme is correct in spirit about some gun control laws, it’s a long way from being factually accurate.

The racist intentions of some historical gun control laws do not invalidate the purpose of modern gun control laws, which is to create a safer society in which people are not needlessly injured or killed by gun violence. Now if you wish to argue about whether modern gun control laws would truly be effective at their stated purpose, you’re free to do so using statistically valid data and logic. You should avoid using racially-charged semi-facts to distract peoples’ attention from the real issue.


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