No Wonder She Left You


Get it? The word miss can have different meanings: it can mean to notice the absence of, as in “I miss my ex-girlfriend since she broke up with me and won’t talk to me”, or it can mean to fail to hit something for which you’re aiming, as in “My bullets missed my ex-girlfriend, but I’m going to keep trying to murder her because I think brutal violence is hilarious!”

Ah, humor.

Here’s another puzzler for you: What’s the difference between this meme and all those awful memes that make light of rape and other forms of sexual abuse?

No really, what’s the difference? I don’t see any. Memes like this send the impression that domestic violence really isn’t that serious, as if it’s perfectly okay to joke about shooting exes. According to Click to Empower, 1 in 4 women report experiencing domestic violence in their lifetimes, leading to 2 million injuries and 1300 deaths per year. These statistics vary from source to source, but the message is clear: this is not something to be taken lightly. Forgive me for finger-wagging, but it’s not funny at all to pretend, even in meme form, that you would consider shooting a firearm at an ex.

Laughing at this meme does not make you a potential abuser: I get that. I would never suggest that the people who circulate this meme are all capable of murdering a former lover. As with all memes, though, you must must must consider your audience before passing it along. What strikes you as hilarious may be a serious emotional trigger for somebody else. It won’t kill you to be more sensitive.


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