A Christmas Naïvety

Offensive Nativity

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a meme with a theme similar to this one, implying that some Christian-themed image or message is being banned by the politically correct cyber-thugs of Facebook on the grounds of “offensiveness”. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Facebook is in no way, shape, or form banning religious imagery. If you need proof of this, add a devout Christian to your friends list and wait ten minutes. Your friend page will be flooded with so many religious images that you’ll think you’ve been transported to the Vatican. If Facebook intends to pressure its users into removing religious images, it’s doing a terrible job.

And yet, all evidence to the contrary, some Christians persist in their belief that their religious freedoms are under persecution by the forces of political correctness. Folks, there’s no point in holding on to these fantasies except to make yourself feel falsely oppressed. And that’s a particularly loathesome trait, because if you’re a relatively wealthy white straight Christian American male, you have almost no idea what it’s like to be oppressed. How do I know? Because you have to make stuff up to show how oppressed you are.

I notice that none of the people who pass this meme along (usually via Facebook) actually quit using Facebook in protest. I think they inherently understand that this meme is what the bull leaves behind, but it fits so beautifully into the “poor little Christian” mentality that it proves too irresistible to pass up. Come on guys, you can post nativity images to your little hearts’ content. In fact, you can post just about anything as long as it doesn’t contain hate speech, gratuitous violence (minus beheadings), threats, or porn. Don’t turn this into a persecution complex.


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