Cash Flowz Before Hoez

Cash Flowz Before Hoez

How very, very charming: the guy on the left spends a minor fortune on garden tools. I can only assume he is cultivating an enormous subsistence garden, perhaps to nurture himself and his extended family. Well I say good for him! He may not have much money left, but he’s got a table full of fresh organic produce to enjoy. No doubt his loved ones cheer him on as he toils tirelessly in the soil, coaxing vibrant green life from the bosom of Earth itself. What other message could this meme possibly convey?

Okay, I did consider the possibility that hoez is actually Idiotese for whores. I thought about the likelihood that this misogynistic creep compares the women in his life to prostitutes (that is, assuming there are actually women who can stomach the idea of being around somebody whose personality smells like the leavings of a diarrhetic bovine). The questionable spelling certainly lends credence to the idea that we’re not exactly dealing with the best and brightest humanity has to offer.

But that idea makes me angry, and it makes me weep for mankind. Therefore, I choose to blindly ignore the more likely scenario and concentrate instead on my happy lie. Ah, bliss. You keep focusing on your garden hoes – excuse me, hoez – Mr Memer, and don’t worry about making fat stacks for yourself. Your family needs you!


2 thoughts on “Cash Flowz Before Hoez

  1. Visiting prostitutes is costly. And there’s nothing wrong with a man or woman CHOOSING to be a prostitute. He may be frequenting male prostitutes so you can calm down a bit.

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