The B Stands For Bass-Ackwards

Plan B Vs Big Gulp

How wonderful it must be to live in a conservative dreamscape where you don’t actually have to educate yourself about things before you hate them, and where you never have to alter your point of view because nothing ever changes.

Plan B (levonorgestrel to chem nerds) is a brand of emergency contraception also known as the morning-after pill. The idea is that a woman can take the pill following unprotected sex and keep fertilization from happening. This part is critical: Plan B does not terminate a pregnancy; it prevents a pregnancy. There are drugs that cause the uterus to shed an embryo once fertilization and implantation have occurred – these could truly be called “abortion pills” – but Plan B is not one of them. An op-ed from Fox NewsFox News, for crying out loud! – emphasizes the scientific truth that emergency contraception is safe and does not cause abortions. (I never thought I’d write the words Fox News and scientific truth in the same sentence.)

Since Pro-Lifers usually don’t argue that life begins before conception, this memer should agree that Plan B is no more responsible for causing abortions than, say, condoms are. He should agree, if he took the time to research it.

Now what can we say about Plan B being available to kids? Earlier this year the Food and Drug Administration decreed that Plan B should be sold over-the-counter without age restrictions. In case you think this was Evil Obama’s doing, Mr Conservative Meme-Maker, I’d like to point out that the Obama administration was against the change and only acquiesced following an order from a federal judge. Regardless of whose decision it was to make Plan B available over-the-counter, that is not the same as saying that Plan B is “OK for kids”, nor does it give children permission or encouragement to engage in unprotected sex. I’d like to remind anybody who’s interested that there are also no age restrictions on buying many other forms of contraception, including condoms.

I should conclude by discussing the other half of this meme. I know that sodas are really bad for you and that obesity is an epidemic in America that has a real financial cost, but…I actually agree with the meme’s sarcastic tone in this case. Banning large sodas is stupid. That’s one point (and one point only) for the meme; the rest of it sucks.


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