Why Isn’t There A “Common Sense” Day?

Walk Naked Day

Yes, I know it’s a joke. It’s still Stupid, so we’re going to talk about it.

Let me say up front that I am by no means an expert on sharia law; nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that a Muslim who looks upon a naked woman is not automatically compelled to commit suicide. If he lusts after her, he may be required to perform some kind of moral penance, but that’s a long way from self-destruction. If you’re an expert on Islam, perhaps you can enlighten me.

The second major sin of this meme is to imply that every Muslim living in American neighborhoods is a terrorist. Of course this is far from the truth. Most Muslims, like most Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc, are decent, rational people who want to carry on with their lives as peacefully as possible. The extremists of any religion are the minority, which means that even if this cockamamie meme were true, most of the people forced into oblivion would be completely innocent. Plus, this maneuver would completely miss terrorists who aren’t Muslim, or Muslims who aren’t devout enough to actually kill themselves just because women decided to strip down and gambol about.

Once again, I understand that it’s a joke. I know nobody’s planning to walk around naked, and I know they don’t expect Muslims to kill themselves in droves if they do. But they went straight for the Muslim = terrorist connection, so they deserve scorn and ridicule.

While we’re dissecting this pig, we should also discuss the flagrant sexism that pervades the entire meme. Come on, Mr Memer, you shouldn’t make it too obvious that you view women as objects who exist only to titillate you with their nudity while they flush out terrorists. You have to at least pretend that you understand how women are real people with feelings. They might not be comfortable stripping down to their birthday suits in pursuit of national security and the entertainment of red-blooded American males, you know?

Just in case anybody plans to tell me to lighten up, let me remind you: I know it’s a joke and I get it. I’m just too distracted by the bigotry and sexism to find it funny. Better luck next time.


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