Say What Now?

Born That Way

At first I thought this must be the work of a troll. It’s so ignorant; it seems to have been created specifically to cause maximum offense. But no, there’s a whole Facebook page of crap just like this. Unless you’re looking for a way to rid yourself of that annoying faith-in-humanity you’ve been feeling recently, I do not recommend that you visit the page.

So where do we start? Well, not that it matters to this jackass, but most experts favor biologically-based theories regarding the origin of homosexuality. Allow me to clarify. There doesn’t appear to be a “gay gene” – a molecular on-off switch that determines whether a baby will be gay or straight – but there are genetic factors that can make a fetus more susceptible to hormones in the womb during gestation. Although the topic is still controversial, many experts feel that a combination of genes and the uterine environment prepares a baby to lean toward homosexual or heterosexual (or somewhere in between) in the fullness of time.

So it may be true that a baby isn’t born gay – but neither is he born straight. Babies don’t have sexual orientations, merely potentials and years to develop. But the ball has already been set in motion when the baby is born, and the developmental sequence that leads to the child fancying men or women is guided by factors that are quite beyond his control.

Naturally, you reject all of those conclusions if you don’t like gay people. The homosexual/smoker analogy reveals what this memer truly thinks about homosexuals. He apparently imagines that all teenagers are straight until their gay peers introduce them to homosexuality. “Come on, just try it,” they say, promising the unsure teen that it will make him look cool. So he tries it, and before you know it he’s got a three-boyfriend-a-day habit.

Just as there are smoking cessation programs to help a smoker kick the habit, there are “reparative therapy” programs to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals. The difference is that there’s no scientific evidence that reparative therapy is necessary or even possible. You can eliminate a man’s craving for cigarettes without changing who he is, but when you try to tamper with his sexuality, you’re messing with his identity. You can train a man to talk, walk, and act straight, but you cannot make him be straight. In the end, reparative therapy does not create heterosexuals; it creates actors trapped in a farce they are socially forbidden to bow out of. That’s no way to live.


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