The Hypocrite Diaries

I’m not exactly sure what The Hypocrite Diaries is/are. My exhaustive research into the subject (about 60 seconds of Googling) has turned up nothing but this meme. I believe this meme is the entire volume of The Hypocrite Diaries and not an excerpt.

I wish everything were black and white. I wish I could dismiss this trio of charges as utter stupidity – completely wrong in every way. But I’m forced to peer into the gray areas, and the issue becomes much more difficult.

You see, I know hypocrites exist in every walk of life. Are there Communist sympathizers who favor the redistribution of wealth…until they find themselves on the other side of the manicured hedge? Of course. Are there women who espouse economic, social, and political equality for women until they find themselves comfortably within the bonds of marriage, whereupon they sacrifice some of their autonomy to their husbands? Undoubtedly so. Are there self-proclaimed atheists who pray fervently when they find themselves in peril? Yes. But are these so-called hypocrites indicative of all Communists, feminists, and atheists, as this meme seems to suggest? Not at all. Some Communist sympathizers do their best to give back to the community that nurtured them, most feminists view their marriage as a partnership rather than a subjugation, and many atheists cannot be cowed by terrible danger into supplicating salvation from a deity they do not believe in.

I notice that the three archetypical hypocrites listed in this meme tend to be left-leaning idealists, but certainly there are conservative hypocrites as well. What about:

  • Pro-Lifers who procure clandestine abortions following an unplanned and embarrassing pregnancy, or
  • “Traditional” marriage proponents who solicit gay prostitutes, or
  • People who blather on about welfare drug testing while abusing prescription pain pills?

You would be perfectly correct to point out that not all Pro-Lifers, “traditional” marriage proponents, and welfare drug testing advocates are obnoxious hypocrites. Neither are all Communists, feminists, and atheists. As with any other group of people, some are hypocrites; some aren’t. Let’s stop the unfair generalizations, shall we?


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