I See What They’re Getting AT-AT

Walker Stroller

I do think that dressing the stroller up as an AT-AT is a cool idea. I don’t think it’s necessarily indicative of good parenting skills.

This isn’t really that Bad or Stupid. It’s just that I see a lot of memes where the caption indicates that a baby’s parents are “doing it right” because they’ve dressed their unwitting toddler as a Jedi Knight or an Ent or Batman in a pink tutu. To me, you’re “doing it right” if you give your baby food, shelter, medicine, and when he’s old enough to need it, appropriate discipline. The baby couldn’t care less if he rides in a Star Wars themed stroller; ergo, decorating the stroller does not earn you Good Parent Points.

It’s still cool, though. Don’t get me wrong on that point.


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