Conservative Meme is Conservative


Sort of a double dose of douchebaggery in this meme, isn’t there?

First we have the illegal vs undocumented debate, which generally applies not to guns but to immigrants. Earlier this year the Associated Press, responding to pressure from immigration rights advocates and Latino news outlets, decided to drop the term “illegal immigrant” from its style guide. A person’s actions are illegal, goes the argument, not the person himself. Some media agencies have decided to use the word undocumented in lieu of illegal (although the AP is eschewing that word as well). The decision raised the ire of many conservatives (but what doesn’t anger conservatives?), who immediately took to Photoshop to create memes about how political correctness is destroying our country.

Yes, friends, you read that correctly: conservatives are frothing at the mouth because one group of people has opted not to use language that might be construed as offensive by another group of people. The very nerve.

Anyway, this talented memer manages to link two completely unrelated topics that are nevertheless equally offensive to conservatives everywhere – thereby forcing me to discuss those same unrelated topics in one post. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to craft a witty segue from the topic of immigration to the topic of gun control?

And speaking of gun control (Nailed it!), how scary are you if you imply that you intend to keep your death arsenal hidden from the government? Oh, that’s right…you need your AR 15 so you can overthrow that very same government, right? Because…um…remind me why you need to overthrow the government again? Let me guess: it’s because you live under an oppressive totalitarian regime, right? A regime whose iron grip on the population is so complete that… people like you were able to get your hands on assault rifles in the first place. A regime whose control is so thorough that it… allows the National Rifle Association to continue to operate within its borders even through that organization successfully opposes laws that might cause you to lose your beloved assault phallus. Yeah…real tough times we’re living in.

Reality called, sweetie. It misses you.


6 thoughts on “Conservative Meme is Conservative

    • If you will read some of my other posts on the gun control debate, you will see that I am not opposed to people owning personal firearms for self defense, hunting, etc. I just don’t understand why anybody needs a military-grade assault rifle if you aren’t actually in the military. By all means, buy all the handguns, shotguns, single-action rifles, etc, that you want…but leave the heavy artillery to the professionals.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • So called “assault rifles” commonly available on the civilian gun market are not fully automatic.

        They function the same way a common Glock or other handgun would, one pull of the trigger, one shot comes out of the barrel.

  1. I actually never said they were “fully automatic,” but thank you for the gun lesson.

    I still don’t understand why a private citizen needs one. What function do they serve that cannot be served by a handgun, shotgun, or single-action rifle?

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