Sexy As I Wanna Be

Curvy Men

Oh man, where to start?

Unless you come from a planet of cuboid aliens, all men have curves (as do women). And all men (and women) can be sexy to somebody. The trick is finding that somebody who fancies your brand of curviness, and ignoring the onslaught of mass media trying to convince you that you aren’t real because you don’t match up with the flavor-of-the-week body shape.

This meme is obviously a joke (if you want to be generous) playing on a similar sentiment often made about women. The “real women have curves” slogan was born when somebody had had enough of being force-fed the skinny = beautiful mantra, and decided to push back with a bit of body shaming of their own. They also proved the adage that “two wrongs don’t make a right”, because this idea – that curviness somehow makes you real and therefore superior to those of a more slender frame – is exactly as degrading as the “original” beauty standard it sought to overturn.

Jacqueline Allain writes in BlogHer (Warning: NSFW language) that the “curvy is better” aesthetic amounts to pitting woman against woman, and I agree. How much potential happiness has been lost to this constant body image arms race?

It’s interesting to me that this meme features a curvy man who is, by any practical definition, obese. The women often chosen as paradigms of curviness are voluptuous; they inhabit that ill-defined region between “slender” and “fat”. So does the memer think that the man on the left is analogous to the likes of, say, Christina Hendricks or Marilyn Monroe? I’m not saying he’s right or wrong; I’m just posing a hypothetical question. I may be reading too much into this, but hey…it’s what I do.

Bottom line: let’s not attempt to sort the various body types (in women or in men) into some sort of sexy hierarchy. Your personal standards of sexiness are not unlike your religious beliefs: it’s okay to believe whatever you want, but please understand that not everybody agrees, and you shouldn’t try to make them feel bad because of it.


2 thoughts on “Sexy As I Wanna Be

  1. I don’t understand being told what is sexy and what isn’t. Are we supposed to “Oh, I’ve been lusting after the wrong people! Thank you, internet meme!”

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