Cosmology Confusion

Big Bang Confusion

I’m really torn on this one.

If it’s genuine – that is, if a Christian Creationist really did make this meme based on his own warped understanding of Big Bang cosmology and evolutionary history – then it truly is dreadful. In that case, I should remind the memer that the Big Bang was not an explosion but an expansion of space itself – an expansion that is ongoing. I should also point out that nobody – neither Creationists nor cosmologists – believes that humans were present at the moment of Creation. Furthermore, I would like to make it abundantly clear that Big Bang acceptance does not automatically render you an atheist, nor does being an atheist assure that you believe in the Big Bang.

But here’s the thing: I don’t believe this meme is genuinely Creationist. I’m pretty sure it’s a spoof, created by a person who, like me, accepts that the Big Bang is the best model we currently have to explain the state of the Universe. It seems intentionally stupid, a little too contrived to make its alleged Creationist author look like a blithering idiot.

I get the joke, but I really do have a problem with this meme either way. If this meme is poking fun at Creationist tactics, it fails to provide an education about real scientific concepts. It does little more than say “Look how stupid your ideas are.” The memer resorts to tactics preferred by some Creationists in “debunking” science; they attempt to tear down the credibility of their opponents’ viewpoints in the misguided belief that if the other side falls, they automatically win.

If this meme is indeed a spoof, we need to be better than this. Science-accepting folks should back up their arguments with verifiable facts and logic. That’s what distinguishes us from Creationists. As tempting as it may be to take a quick shot at uninformed Creationist “logic”, we have to remember that it does little more than amuse those who are already on the side of reality.

And just to cover both sides: if the meme truly is Creationist…then I weep for its creator.


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