Now You Can Re-Create The Holocaust Without All The Horror And Bloodshed

Sick Holocaust Game

Let’s start with everything that’s wrong with this meme, this game, and this person.

No, no, the list is too long. Let’s start with what’s not wrong.

Nothing comes to mind. Okay, back to what’s wrong. I’m going to itemize so I don’t write a thirty-page polemic against this god-awful meme.

  1. The swastika depicted in this meme is spinning the wrong way if it’s meant to be a symbol for Nazi Germany.
  2. The Nazi swastika is usually shown tilted at a 45 degree angle, so that its outer arms form a diamond rather than a square. Thirty seconds of research would have allowed the idiot memer to correctly portray the symbol of one of history’s most important and hated political organizations. Then again, thirty seconds of research might have convinced him that this whole enterprise is in very poor taste.
  3. Counting certainly seems to be an issue for this memer; the text says that the game is played with 30 cups on each side; yet the Nazi swastika is made of 34 cups. Either the memer or the person who set up the table (if they are not the same person) is unable to count, or they wanted to give the Nazis a four-cup advantage. I’m not sure which possibility is more unsettling.
  4. The Nazi team gets an opening advantage called a blitzkrieg wherein all three Nazis shoot until they miss. Blitzkrieg (lightning war) was the label applied by Western journalists to the tactics of the German military machine as it rolled across Europe. According to senior officers of the German military, the blitzkrieg was not an organized military concept, but the result of German military units taking advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves.
  5. In any case, the blitzkrieg was directed against the defending forces of the country being invaded, not specifically against Jews. The ignorant heartless memer bungles yet another simple-to-check fact. The German war of expansion was reputedly to afford the Germans more “living space”. The Holocaust arose from rampant anti-Semitism and a notion of Nordic Aryan superiority. The Holocaust and the blitzkrieg are therefore separate concepts. Not that it matters to the knucklehead who invented this game.
  6. Do the Jews hide the Anne Frank Cup, or is it still shootable? It doesn’t seem like it can be both hidden and shootable. Do the Nazis have to find the cup before they can shoot at it? Does anybody else think this is really insensitive?
  7. Why do the Nazis get to “equalize the slight advantage” of the Anne Frank Cup when they already got to conduct a blitzkrieg at the beginning of the game? And how does this relate to the historical Holocaust? Does the memer truly believe that Anne Frank ever had an advantage over the Nazis?
  8. If you need to have Auschwitz explained to you, put down the ping pong balls and pick up a history book. In fact, if you’re playing this game at all, that’s good advice.
  9. Oh, if only the Jews who were actually imprisoned in concentration camps could have bought their freedom by something as simple as bouncing a ping pong ball into a plastic cup. But no, they never had that option. Good job showing a proper degree of reverence for their suffering, though. Really good job.
  10. There is something really wrong with you if “saying as many racist things as possible” makes a game more enjoyable for you. What is this: some sort of emotional purge? For heaven’s sake, man, get a hobby!
  11. Your Jewish friends love this game, huh? Skeptical blogger is skeptical. At any rate, you are exactly like those douchebags who say “Oh, it’s okay: I can say n****r because I have black friends!” It isn’t okay. You’re still a douchebag.

Besides the items I’ve enumerated above, this game and this meme are wrong on some fundamental level that I lack the vocabulary or patience to describe. The Holocaust killed six million people of Jewish heritage, and millions more sacrificed their lives trying to bring a halt to Hitler’s advances. Now I’m not saying that there was nothing humorous or light-hearted to come out of those dark days, but it turns my stomach to think that somebody would reduce that unspeakable atrocity to a party game. Shame on you, whoever you are. Shame. On. You.


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