Well, Laughter IS The Best Medicine

Laughter and Pain

Wait, what?

Is this some psychological truth I’ve missed? Okay yes, I’ve heard it said that people use humor to shield themselves emotionally from past instances of personal trauma, but come on… not everybody who laughs longest has a woe-filled history.

I mean, look at these happy people. Do you see any pain here?

Dr Cox Laughing


Data Laughing

Nic Cage Laughing

Clown Laughing

Okay, I admit…these probably weren’t the best examples to prove my point. But look, the meme is really, really dumb. To discredit it would mean I’d have to set out on a great voyage of research, gathering exceedingly dull psychological data to refute the idea that excessive laughter is necessarily a sign of past emotional distress. I thought it would be far more entertaining to search for gifs of hilarious (and in one case, nightmare-inducing) fits of laughter. You’re welcome, or I apologize…whichever is more appropriate.


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