Choice Within Limits


And where does a rape victim fall into your philosophy, Mr Pro-Life Memer? At what point was she offered a choice?

What about the woman whose life is endangered by the fetus inside her? Does she have a choice in the matter?

So you support a woman’s right to choose as long as her choice falls within your personal definition of moral acceptability. I get it.

What’s that you say, Mr Pro-Life Memer? It’s not your definition but God’s definition? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it’s your personal interpretation of God’s morality.

Oh, don’t give me that absolute morality crap. If that were true, all Christians (and members of other God-fearing faiths) would agree on what has to be the most basic tenet of life: when it begins. But they don’t. Polls consistently show that relatively few Christians are hardcore pro-choice (“Abortions for all!”) or pro-life (“No abortions for anyone!”), but fall somewhere in between (“Abortions for some; miniature American flags for others!” And any Bible verse you can throw out in favor of one opinion can be countered by a different verse that seems to favor its opposite.

Oops, did I say opinion? I meant absolute moral authority. Sorry, I forgot what issue we were talking about.

It’s time for us to be honest with ourselves, and when I say us I mean you, Mr Pro-Life Memer. The abortion debate isn’t going away because there is no clear-cut right or wrong. It continues to be an incredibly difficult decision that must be made by each woman on a case-by-case basis. Please don’t thrust your religious convictions on somebody who is already in a place of emotional distress. That’s not the way to win converts.

Here’s an alternative concept for you: I support a woman’s right to choose whether she carries a fetus to term or not, and I support her right to reconcile her decision with her personal religious beliefs in whatever way she sees fit. I do not support an avid pro-lifer using his faith to take control of her decision-making process. That’s what this is really about, isn’t it: control?

I think yes.


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