My God, She’s Full of Stars!

13 Kids

Let’s just imagine that this photo isn’t totally ‘Shopped (and let’s imagine that unicorns are real and the Westboro Phelpses are ideal Christians). If this photo is legit, then it depicts a young woman whose passion for racial justice is matched only by her difficulty in spelling commonplace words and her remarkable ability to give birth thirteen times without ever having had a girl (apparently). I mean, really…what are the odds of that?1

If this photograph is real, then this woman is the ideal mascot for nearly everything conservatives hate about the world: a black hyper-prolific uneducated female. You know…an animal, completely undeserving of compassion or respect. If there were some way to prove that she were also poor, Muslim, gay, and wrapped up with a sense of entitlement, she’d be the perfect target for right-wing bile.

The problem – at least for the memer – is that this image isn’t real. The woman is real, and so is her desire for justice. That’s about it. Here’s the un-doctored image:

My Three Sons

Note the relative lack of spelling errors in the woman’s sign. Also notice that her grocery bill is suddenly a lot smaller. She’s no longer a despicable leech on the system who exists only to people the Earth with her Obama-loving spawn…she’s a sensible mom with sensible concerns about the safety of her children.

This meme is Two-Part Stupid. First, some jerk went looking for a picture that inflamed his racist rage. Since he apparently failed to find one, he had to invent one. I’ve no idea whether the person who altered the photograph added the accompanying text, or whether the text was added later by another jackass who was completely uncritical about the photograph’s veracity. It doesn’t really matter; in either case the people who created and shared this meme believe that black female promiscuity is directly connected to the election and re-election of Barack Obama. Never mind that Obama ran a superior campaign against an unlikeable opponent; in the ultra-conservative viewpoint, anything unpleasant must be blamed directly on Obama, and Obama must be blamed on the poor, the minorities, the uneducated, etc.

I would like to apologize to this brave woman, whoever and wherever she may be, on behalf of the anonymous coward who used her image to create a grotesque farce of her beliefs, and on behalf of the idiot who further insulted her by turning her concern into an anti-Obama invective. I hope she will not be cowed by the callousness of this meme.

And I hope whoever created and shared this meme gets four flat tires on the way to work tomorrow morning.

1Odds of giving birth to 13 boys in a row, all other factors being equal: 1 in 8192.


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