My Best Advice Is To Be A Jerk

Be a Jerk

Is this a slight revision of the advice that if you love something, you should set it free? The tone of the meme is subtly different from that adage: it encourages you to actively dispose of people who, for whatever reason, like you.

Who in the world thinks this is good advice? Okay, the first sentence is pretty sound – you really shouldn’t force anybody to love you – but after that it falls apart. Are there really people who subject potential lovers to severe emotional stress just to see who passes the test? Relationships shouldn’t have boot camps! And what happens when you discover that the person you’ve been tormenting really does love you? Great! Now you have to face the fact that you’ve been a complete jerk to the real deal.

I think this meme could be saved with a little revision. It should read like this:

“Don’t force them to love you. But if they do love you, don’t be an ass. Enjoy the fact that somebody loves you despite your warped opinions on relationships.”

I should write greeting cards.

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