People Kill People…With Guns

Guns Dont Kill People

Whenever somebody revives the NRA chestnut “Guns don’t kill people, people do”, I’m reminded of a bit by comedian Eddie Izzard from 1999.

And this is still relevant fourteen years later!

Anyway, it’s funny that Donald K Martin of Windsor Locks noticed that his shotgun had no legs, but failed to notice that it had no arms, hands, or fingers to brace, aim, and fire itself.

Nobody thinks that a gun will kill people when left to itself (unless that gun is actually Megatron in disguise). Mr Martin, in a daft attempt to make gun-control proponents look foolish, has constructed a classic straw man fallacy: misconstrue your opponents’ argument as something impossibly silly, then trash the ridiculous argument your opponent didn’t actually make.

If Mr Martin (or anybody else) is interested in hearing the truth about what gun-control proponents want (instead of the scary lies promulgated by the NRA), here it is: reasonable regulation. That’s all. Nobody’s taking away your lazy shotgun, Mr Martin. We just want to restrict you from selling it to an anonymous customer under a bridge in the shady part of town. We want to create a world in which you cannot lay hands on a military-grade assault weapon unless you actually happen to be in the military. We want to make people safer, including you.

A little bit of common sense on your part wouldn’t hurt either, Mr Martin.

I came across a bunch of anti-evolution memes while wandering aimlessly online. Okay, okay, I was specifically searching for them. In any case, this week will be Stupid Bad Creationist Meme Week, starting tomorrow. Tell all your friends.


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