Catholic Apples and Muslim Oranges


Oops, did you catch that? That oh-so-subtle attempt to once again tie President Obama to Islam? Sure, the Muslim Obama myth may no longer be something you can mention out loud without drawing the derisive laughter of more rational people, but you can still slip the implication that Obama favors Muslims over Christians into your ill-informed tweets and get away with it.

I’m not going to argue about whether it’s right to require faith-based hospitals to provide health care options which are contrary to their religious beliefs. On the one hand, I do value religious freedom. On the other hand, this is health care we’re talking about. Womens’ reproductive health – and the numerous, often difficult decisions that go along with it – are a vital part of overall health care, no matter how much some lawmakers would like to believe otherwise. Restricting womens’ access to reproductive health care is, in my opinion, just as immoral as forcing Catholic hospitals to provide abortions and condoms.

If this tweet-turned-meme were just making the point that the author doesn’t care very much for the Affordable Care Act and it’s implications for faith-based hospitals, I wouldn’t have much to say about it. But the tweeter completely misses the point by insinuating that the president is some kind of hypocrite. Why? Because, according to the tweeter, Obama wants Catholic institutions to provide access to condoms and abortions (which are a part of womens’ reproductive health care and therefore may fall under the purview of any health care establishment) but he doesn’t force Muslims to sell bacon and alcohol (which definitely are not associated with health care, except to its detriment).

If you cannot see the problem with this comparison, then perhaps you think that a woman’s access to affordable reproductive care is on the same level as a person’s access to booze and bacon. Many people enjoy those things, but nobody’s health will be endangered if they don’t get them…in fact, a lot of people would probably be better off. Please, don’t reduce the issue of womens’ reproductive health care to a farce, no matter how much you hate the idea.


2 thoughts on “Catholic Apples and Muslim Oranges

  1. Democrats are harder on Christians than other faiths. Democrats hate religion and hate majority’s so Christians are double bad compared to Muslims or Jews or pagans.

    • “Democrats hate religion and hate majority’s [sic]”. Sorry, that’s a broad generalization and not universally true. There are many Democrats who are themselves religious, even Christian. Your statement is as irresponsible as saying that Republicans hate gay people.

      For my part, I don’t consider any religion superior to any other. I strongly disapprove of any religious group that attempts to control others by legislating their religious beliefs. It’s detestable when Muslim fundamentalists do it in the Middle East, and it’s detestable when Christian fundamentalists do it here at home.

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