Lamb Chops

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Ignorance must be a lovely little paradise, because a lot of people spend a lot of time there.

I’ve no idea where anybody gets the idea that it’s illegal to pray in school. It absolutely isn’t. You can pray all day if you want to. You can pray before a test (and believe me, a lot of students do). You can give thanks to your maker when the afternoon bell rings. You can even ask for spiritual guidance when deciding whether to get the ravioli or the meatloaf for lunch, if you’re so inclined. What you cannot do is organize prayer in public schools. You cannot get on the intercom first thing in the morning and lead the students in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, even if you’re 100% certain that every last student is a devout Christian.

So, either the author of this meme is abysmally ignorant regarding a student’s right to pray in school (as long as that prayer isn’t mandated and doesn’t interfere with the education of other students), or the author actually wants prayer to be mandated in public schools. If that’s the case, then this meme takes on an additional layer of loathesomeness, and stupidity. I’m pretty sure that when the author advocates that we “teach our kids to pray”, she means “teach our kids to pray to the Christian God“. If you doubt that, re-read the meme and then answer this question: would the author of this meme be comfortable if a principal led the students of a public school in a traditional Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu prayer? I sincerely doubt it. The author clearly wants Christian prayers, and no others, to be mandated in public schools.

People who make this argument completely miss the point that the wall of separation between Church and State exists as much for the protection of the Church as it does for the State. You can go to any public school (in theory) and nobody can tell you what to believe or how to believe it…and that’s a good thing. Even the various branches of the Christian faith are like cantankerous members of a book club who cannot agree about the symbolism in the book they’re supposed to be reading. What if the principal is Catholic but the school sits in a largely Protestant community? What if the principal is Mormon but most of the students are Catholic? Pretty much any kind of organized prayer is going to upset somebody, so the best bet is to let everybody communicate with their own personal deity (or deities) in whatever unobstructive way they see fit.

One more thing: if you claim that school shootings and other tragedies are a direct result of the government’s decision to protect the religious liberties of all Americans, then what are you saying about God? I’m not going to give you the answer here…I want you to work this one out on your own.

Please…stop crying about prayer in schools. You’re embarrassing yourself and your religion.


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