No Re-Deen-ing Qualities

Deen Destroyed

I went back and forth on whether I should talk about Paula Deen again. On the one hand, I don’t actually care about her that much. I’ve never watched her show or (knowingly) tried one of her recipes. You might say I don’t have a dog in this fight.

Still, the fact remains that she’s said, done, and tolerated some awfully racist stuff. This woman (allegedly) went above and beyond what ordinarily constitutes racist behavior, as if there were some sort of Racism Olympics and she was gunning for gold.

Futhermore, I am stunned by the number of people that are still defending her. They have willfully blinded themselves to the nature and severity of her (alleged) offenses. Over and over I hear wails of “Unfair!” coming from people who seem to believe that this is all about Paula Deen uttering a racial slur while being held at gun point by a bank robber who happened to be black. Yes, that was Paula Deen’s story. And Paula Deen, who had a multi-million-dollar empire to protect, would have no reason to play down the heinousness of her racist actions, would she?

The real issue here – at least with this meme – is that people have a total misunderstanding of whom to blame for Paula Deen not having her contract renewed. I could point out that Deen herself is to blame, but that’s not what the Deen supporters want to hear. I could acknowledge that political correctness probably did play a role in Food Network’s decision to let Deen go, but only insofar as it affected their profit margin. What the Deen-Heads don’t seem to understand is that money was the motivating factor here. Not the liberal media, not the PC-Police, but money, plain and simple. Nobody’s trying to destroy Paula Deen; they’re just safeguarding their own Christmas bonuses.

But you raise a good point, anonymous memer: where was the media coverage of the current administration’s crimes and corruption? Oh right, EVERYWHERE FOR THE LAST TWO MONTHS (and even longer than that if you’re a fan of Fox News…and I feel like you probably are). Read a newspaper.


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