Most Troubling Meme Ever: Rape Division

Bad Ewok

On memegenerator. net you can add your own captions to a variety of popular meme images. I think I’ve just found a new source for Stupid Bad Memes.

If you search for “Rape Ewok” (and I do not recommend that you do), you’ll find the image above along with memes generated by the lowest rung of humanity. As you might expect, they are pretty much all rape-centered. Now I don’t know why some people think it’s funny to be disgustingly offensive, but apparently they do.

Read this, rape memers: This meme is not funny. It’s not even mildly amusing. It’s dark, and twisted, and dangerous. It’s dangerous because it sends the message that rape is something to be laughed about. If it’s something to be laughed about, then it must not be that big a deal, right? Wrong. Rape is a huge problem, and we’re certainly not going to approach solving the problem if we continue to make jokes that perpetuate rape culture, or excuse the people who do (Warning: NSFW language behind that link).

But maybe I’m coming at this all wrong: I’m using logic and complete sentences to appeal to the better nature of would-be rape memers. Maybe I should speak their own language. I should condense my argument into a meme.


To anybody who reads this, feel free to use this meme as a response to any unforgivably stupid rape-based meme. Remember this: rape memers don’t think they’re doing anything particularly wrong (“It’s just a joke! If you’re offended, that’s your problem!”). They might not know what rape culture is, or they might pretend that it doesn’t exist. Being confrontational will put them on the defensive, but they need to understand why memes like this are bad for everybody.


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