Deen’s Demise

Paula Deen

Once? Once? To believe that Paul (excuse me…Paula) Deen has said the “n-word” no more than one time is to be willfully out of touch with reality. That word has crossed her lips more often than pork and butter combined. Now I’m not going to call Paula Deen a racist, but she has said and done things that are racist. There’s no point in denying that: Paula Deen tried to stage a plantation-style wedding for her brother in which black servents would be dressed in white long-sleeve shirts, black bow ties, and black shorts, just like in the “Shirley Temple days, [when] they used to tap dance around.” Her words.

Paula Deen didn’t just slip and say the “n-word” once in a moment of frustration. Her words and actions might be a product of her Southern upbringing, but she wasn’t some naive teenager when she made the “jokes” for which she’s now being sued…she was a grown up. Grown ups are supposed to know better, particularly when they’re business owners.

Here’s Paula Deen’s “defense”, if you want to call it that:

It’s just what they are — they’re jokes … most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks … gays or straights, black, redneck, you know, I just don’t know — I just don’t know what to say. I can’t, myself, determine what offends another person.

Really, Paula? My advice to you is to stop talking (really, you’re just making it worse), make a large donation to one of these charities, and keep your head down until this all blows over. You might not get your cooking show back, but I’m sure you could land a gig as a co-host for a Fox News morning show.

And to you, meme author: what liberal media made Kanye West the king of rappers? I wasn’t aware that the evil masterminds at CNN had that much influence over record sales? And do you really think that liberal media outlets put pressure on the Food Network to dump Paula Deen? The Food Network deep sixed Deen’s show because they know that standing behind her is a good way to hemorrhage sponsors. You don’t have to love it, but please don’t imagine it has anything to do with a liberal bias. It’s just business.

One more thing, meme author: I’d like to know why you wrote “n-word” to describe Paula Deen’s verbal indiscretion, but you felt the need to type out “NIGGER” when talking about Kanye West. It couldn’t be because you’re trying to portray Deen as a sweet little Southern gentle-woman worthy of our sympathy while highlighting the offensiveness of Kanye West, could it? Because that seems a little bit like…you know…a double standard.


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