On Responsibility And Respect

X Bra

Who is the primary market for a bra like this? Female gamers? Video game widows hoping to reconnect with their game-obsessed significant others? Somebody who needs a gag gift for a bridal shower?

I don’t really have a problem with the bra itself. As with most Stupid Bad Memes, the caption carries the weight of making this meme deplorable.

I mean, really. Control her? In 2013, there are still people who think the idea of “controlling” those unruly women is hilarious. And by what means shall we control women? By jabbing at their breasts! That’s sure to work!

As long as we see women as property to be controlled, rather than as people to be respected, there is a problem. This meme proves there is a problem. Now some people will see this meme as harmless fun, but it really isn’t. It’s indicative of an attitude – an attitude that needs to change. If women are property in need of control, then it’s okay to disregard their feelings. It’s okay to force them to comply. It’s okay to rape them. This has to change. Memes like this cannot be tolerated because the attitude that spawns them cannot be tolerated.

It’s time to stop blindly posting memes because they give us a quick chuckle, and to start thinking about what we’re really saying. We bear the responsibility for everything we pass along, no matter how much we would like to disavow ourselves. It’s time to reflect before we share.

But if everybody does that, Stupid Bad Memes will be out of business. What a wonderful day that will be.


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