Tebow Times Two

Wrong Part 2


Poor Tim Tebow. All he’s trying to do is publicly display his faith, and he catches all kinds of flak about it. It’s not like the Bible explicitly forbids showy displays of religious faith. Oh wait, it totally does.

Anyway…the point of these memes seems to be that street-praying Muslims and openly gay basketball players have praise heaped upon them (or at least acceptance) while dyed-in-the-wool Christians like Tebow are fast becoming America’s new pariahs. Excuse me while I prepare a fictional list of situations in which Christians are persecuted simply for being Christian. (As an exercise for the alert reader, try to figure out which minority group each statement actually refers to!)

  • Christians cannot get married in most states, and in some states they cannot even form a civil union.
  • Christians are pulled aside for extra screening at airports just because they look Christian or have a Christian-sounding name.
  • Christians have all kinds of derogatory names hurled at them as they walk down the street, despite the fact that they’ve done nothing at all to provoke their tormentors.
  • Christians cause tremendous controversy when they try to get jobs that involve working with children, because people have an irrational fear that they’ll somehow cause non-Christian children to become Christian. But of course Christians aren’t interested in turning non-Christians into Christians.
  • Christians are automatically assumed to have caused every terrorist attack that happens, whether the actual terrorists were Christian or not, and Christians that had nothing at all to do with the terrorist attacks are automatically lumped together with the extremist elements of their religion.

Now I’m not going to deny that Tebow has taken some criticism because of his faithful displays. But how far must you climb up the mountain of ignorance before you honestly suggest that being Muslim or gay is actually more “okay” in modern American society than being a Rich White Christian? Yes, homosexuality has become more accepted, and the Keepers of Political Correctness have tried to stem anti-Muslim sentiment, but any reasonable person would agree that there’s still much work to be done. We are by no means the society of the paranoid super-Christians’ fantasy. Until the labels “Muslim” and “gay” become no more significant than “right-handed” or “left-handed”, nobody can defend the position that being a minority is more acceptable than being a Rich White Christian, no matter how much ribbing Tim Tebow has to endure.


One thought on “Tebow Times Two

  1. . But how far must you climb up the mountain of ignorance before you honestly suggest that being Muslim or gay is actually more “okay” in modern American society”

    Not America as a whole but left or liberal America has. Most of my friends are liberals and atheists and while they don’t like or beilieve in Islam any better than christianity they rag on Christians way more and much harsher. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that plus liberals love underdogs\minoritys.

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