Imperfect Analogy

Guns and Fire Extinguishers

Actually, we don’t need assault weapons because we have these:


And hundreds more like them. Once again gun lovers have completely failed to understand the point of the gun control debate, which is not to take away all guns, but to severely restrict access to the guns that can kill the most people in the shortest amount of time. Plus, the analogy stinks: the fire extinguishers should be replaced by firetrucks. You don’t need firetrucks because a fire extinguisher will be enough protection for the average citizen under ordinary circumstances. If you need more protection than a fire extinguisher can provide, then you need to call in the professionals.


2 thoughts on “Imperfect Analogy

  1. If you have a small fire in your house you can PREVENT it from getting to a point where you need a fire truck. If you don’t the fire will absolutely destroy your home before the fire truck gets there and gets hooked up and finally puts water to flame.

    Likewise, a handgun can in the right hands put an immediate stop to a situation that without it would certainly require a large amount of police officers who would most likely do EXACTLY what you could have done in the first place…but now there’s 37 dead bodies in the mall because all you had was a cell phone.

    So please tell me where I’m misunderstanding the gun control debate?

    • Did you actually read my post? It wasn’t that long. If you had read it, you might have realized that we don’t necessarily disagree with each other. I’m not saying that nobody should have a gun for personal protection. But I do think that the average citizen doesn’t need to have access to military-style assault weapons. I also think that background checks and proof of extensive training should be mandatory before purchasing any gun, at a show or elsewhere. You shouldn’t be able to obtain a gun with less difficulty than you obtain a driver’s licence.

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