Don’t Enjoy Anything Because It Probably Hurt Your Ancestors


Bad meme! Very bad meme!

What kind of mentality leads a person to make a statement like this? Is it a desire to be edgy and offensive? Is it complete ignorance? Is it both? I think yes.

I personally couldn’t care less what excites Rihanna, unless it involves bathing in the blood of virgins. That’s messed up. But I’m not going to lecture her, even in meme style, about her turn-ons just because her ancestors were slaves. What kind of statement is this meme trying to make? Does the author hate Rihanna so much that he wants to remind her of her ancestors’ suffering while simultaneously making her feel like some kind of jerk because of what she’s into?

Slaves have no choice as far as whips and chains are concerned. It sort of goes along with being a slave. But people who like a little BDSM every now and again do have a choice. They can decide when it stops. They know that once it’s over, they can go back to being a free person. If that’s what you’re into, then so be it. You shouldn’t be forced to reconcile your own brand of kinky with terrible atrocities committed against your ancestors. Geez…what’s wrong with people?


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