Pride of Mississippi


Now there’s nothing wrong with being proud of where you’re from. I’ve never been to Mississippi but I’m sure it’s lovely. I’m also sure that the residents of Mississippi wish that you would take the time to proofread before you proudly offer yourself as an example of the typical Mississipian.

For example, I’m pretty sure that apostrophes haven’t been outlawed in Mississippi, nor have capital letters at the start of sentences. And I don’t mind if you call a firefly a lightning bug, but a lightingbug sounds like a problem you have to work out when you’re installing illumination in your house.

“Y’all” isn’t a proper noun unless you know somebody whose name is Y’all. I presume that it’s a contraction of “you all”, but since that doesn’t refer to a particular person or place, and since it doesn’t start with a capital letter, it doesn’t qualify as a proper noun. Furthermore, I’m not sure “y’all” qualifies as a noun at all. Wouldn’t it be a pronoun?

I do give the author props for placing the apostrophe in the correct place (this time).

I don’t know whether the author meant to say that “ain’t” is defiantly a word or definitely a word. If you argue that “ain’t” is a word, I suppose you are being defiant to the traditional rules of English usage. I can give the author points here, although I suspect he or she earned them unintentionally.

Why does the author give a shout out to Ohio in the middle of his or her tribute to all things Mississippi?

Like I said before: I’m certain there are some wonderful things about Mississippi, but I would strongly advise the Mississippi tourism board not to hire the author of this document to write their travel brochures.


3 thoughts on “Pride of Mississippi

    • Oh come now, Charles, that’s not very nice! There are lots of educated people from Mississippi! Just because those people aren’t selected to represent the state in the media doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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