No Words


I had to look up “SwagFag” to find out what it meant. Thank you, Urban Dictionary, for simultaneously enlightening me and excising the last vestiges of my hope for humanity. (WARNING: That link contains a lot of potty-mouth language. Sensitve readers, beware.)

For those of you who are fortunate enough not to know, a swagfag is a person who overdoes it just a teensy bit on his swag. Swag is stolen property… no wait, that’s what it used to mean. In the era of hip-hop culture, swag is a person’s style, or the way in which one presents himself. It’s often associated with boastfulness, as if a person’s swag is a means of displaying to the world how rich, successful, and sexy he is.

The derogatory term “swagfag” refers to a person who is trying too hard to look ill. No, not unhealthy. Ill. You know, dope. Bad. Radical? Okay, I’m not really up on hip-hop lingo, but you know what I mean. The word “swagfag” is terrible; it associates something annoying (a person who tries too hard to be cool, but who fails miserably) with homosexuality. Hasn’t there been enough of that already? Our language is being infused with new words and phrases that take it for granted that being gay is bad. I don’t mean good bad. I mean bad bad. Sorry, I’m trying.

As if that weren’t awful enough…there’s this meme.

Obviously the creator of this meme (and its propagators) think that killing people – even annoying people who try too hard to show off their swag – is hilarious. And, as if it weren’t enough that this guy is going to commit multiple acts of murder, he apparently intends to do it using military-grade assault penises – sorry, weapons. Mr. NRA is going to end the life of a person you think is annoying every time you share this photo (and while he’s at it, he might as well terminate a few regular fags too, right? I mean, it’s not like they’re people, right?)

This meme is disgusting, and I can’t believe that anybody would find it funny. Oh wait, I just read my own blog. I can totally believe it.


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