Lazy Dog Days

Welfare Dog

Ah, I get it. Because people who receive welfare are lazy, jobless children of promiscuous mothers and deadbeat dads! Ha ha! What fun we can have with blatant racial stereotypes!

Yes, this is racist. I can’t tell whether the meme’s creator was being overtly racist, or whether we just got a peek into his internal prejudices, but there it is. These are all unfortunate stereotypes that are linked to people of color, particularly those living in poverty. To deny that is to be breathtakingly ignorant of the world in which we live.

I expect to be enlightened by somebody saying that this meme isn’t racist at all; that it merely reflects the harsh reality of people abusing the welfare system. I might not be informed enough about the ins and outs of the welfare system to argue about it, but I’m sure somebody is. Whatever. My point is that this meme goes far beyond criticizing the welfare system to making sweeping generalizations about the people benefiting from it.


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