Before I address this Stupid Bad Meme, let me say that I really want to like Seth McFarlane. He has a passion for science literacy, and I think that’s cool. He’s spearheading a project to remake “Cosmos” with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and that’s very cool. If his list of credentials stopped right there, I’d say he was a great guy.

But then there’s “Ted”. And “Family Guy”. And “American Dad”. And “The Cleveland Show”. Now I’m no prude, but I have a hard time respecting somebody who feels that in order to be funny, one must constantly push the envelope of good taste (and sometimes rip it completely to shreds). Is it not possible to be funny without mentioning fecal material or tantric sex positions anymore? Can we not find humor in the absurdity of the human condition, without having to sit through rape and necrophilia jokes? I know I always have the option not to watch (and I exercise that option on a regular basis) but I hate that somebody who seems like he could be so cool has to be involved with projects that, in my opinion, are utterly devoid of value.

Now, about this meme… I’ll start at the end. Can we all agree to stop saying “hoe” unless we’re referring to a garden tool? If you’re going to suggest that somebody sells sexual gratification to strangers in exchange for money, at least have the fortitude to say the word “whore”. I mean, you’ve already trashed the person’s reputation; why obscure your real meaning with sloppy enunciation?

Second, I’m pretty sure that a girl who says “All guys are the same” hasn’t tried them all. I think this snappy retort is supposed to be funny, but it isn’t. If I had my way, the conversation would play out like this:

Girl: “All guys are the same.”
Jackass: “Who told you to try them all?”
Girl: “I haven’t tried them all, idiot. I was making an obvious over-generalization based on my bad experiences with former boyfriends, all of whom have been as obnoxious as you are. But I’m hoping that one day soon my hypothesis will be disproven, or that I’ll no longer be forced to suffer your company. Either event would brighten my mood considerably. Rake.”

Yeah. That’d be good.


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