All Silent Girls Are Emotional Wrecks

All Silent Girls Are Emotional Wrecks

But when a man is silent, he’s strong and masculine, right? Sheesh.

Okay, I could get on board with this meme, but I think we need to add a few more possible thoughtscapes of the silent girl’s mind:

When a girl is silent, she’s either over-thinking, tired of waiting, falling apart, crying inside, reading a book, watching TV, asleep, dead, comatose, quietly contemplative, solving complex calculus problems in her head, infiltrating the enemy base, not enjoying your company, buttering toast, milking a cow, brushing her teeth, honoring her vow of silence, or doing any one of the sixty million other things that don’t require you to talk…or all of the above

Okay, probably not all of the above. I’m pretty sure dead nuns don’t milk cows. But you get my point. It seems like a truly asinine conjecture to assume that any girl who isn’t constantly talking must be an emotional wreck inside. People are not so one-dimensional. Maybe meme creators are…I don’t know.


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