Rape: Always Good For Laffs

No You May Not

Ugh. We could go back and forth about whether there’s any such thing as a “funny rape joke” – about whether it’s ever okay to mention the word “rape” while saying something that’s meant to be cute or humorous. In this case, it is not.

First, let’s agree that the established definition of rape generally does not involve asking for permission. Second, contrary to what some testosterone-overflowing asshats may think, rape victims very, very seldom enjoy the experience of being raped. I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s a crime. To casually toss the word into a meme like this, along with a cartoon character that I assume is supposed to be cute, really belittles the severity of what might be the worst thing that ever happens to some people. Now I’m sure that’s not what the meme creator had in mind (at least, I hope not). This is another example of a Stupid Bad Meme that never would have happened had the author stopped to think for a few minutes before posting it online.


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