A Meme-Maker’s Explanation For Why He Will Be Forever Single

Good Obedient Wives

Gravity makes the world round, but I suppose you could argue that God made gravity, if you’re the religious type. No, that’s not what makes this a Stupid Bad Meme. This is a Stupid Bad Meme because it implies that since the world has no corners, there’s no such thing as a good and obedient wife. And if there are no good and obedient wives, what are there? Bad and disobedient wives?

Since this meme mentions God, let’s try to piece together the theological position of the meme’s creator, shall we? According to the meme-maker, God is a trickster with a warped sense of humor who thinks it’s hilarious to make dicily-worded promises to His creations. Now maybe you think I’m being too harsh here: clearly the meme is meant in jest, but the joke about how women are such willful shrews who won’t bend to their husbands’ demands is old and offensive, and I’m not even a woman. I don’t feel like cutting any slack. In one poorly executed joke, the meme-maker has managed to completely mangle Judeo-Christian theology as well as expose his misogyny. How charming.


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