Fact: This Is Not A Fact

This Is Not A Fact

A fact is a statement that is so well-supported by observation that if you deny it, you’re pretty much just being a jerk on purpose. For example: apples exist. That’s a fact. Mercury is the first planet from the Sun. Another fact! Evolution happens. Yes, that’s a fact too! Deal with it!

This so-called “fact” is nothing of the sort. It’s the opposite of fact: completely baseless speculation apparently dreamt up by somebody who wanted to make themselves feel special when they were “cursed” with exceedingly common physical characteristics. Brown may be the most common eye color on the planet, with an estimated 50% of the world’s population – more than three and a half billion people – having brown eyes. Green eyes are less common worldwide (about 1-2%) but belong to a significant percentage of the people in certain populations.

So let’s just assume that between 3 and 4 billion people worldwide have brown or green eyes (and a lot of them could probably be called hazel). Are all of them hyper? Do they all love to laugh? Are they all quiet at first until you get to know them, at which point they talk incessantly? Do they all make amazing friends?

Since the meme does not qualify its bizarre assertion with the word “usually”, we can soundly disprove it by providing just one counter-example. If I can think of one brown- or green-eyed person who doesn’t meet all of the meme’s criteria, then the whole shaky premise crumbles to dust.

Ladies, meet Charles Manson:


Don’t you just think he’d be an amazing friend? Doesn’t he look like the kind of person who would be reserved when you first meet him, but would become super-talkative after a few pina coladas at the poolside?

Here’s a more realistic hypothesis: although peoples’ personalities are partially affected by their genes, it’s probably not the same set of genes that determines how much melanin their eyeball cells produce. There’s probably a large environmental component to our personalities also. But I doubt you’ll ever see any of that in a meme. Apparently, memes aren’t meant to mesh with boring reality.


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