Stupidity and Danger Walk Hand in Hand

Register Nothing

And it’s absolutely none of their business, where you place commas! Actually, given the overall stupidity of the message, I’m quite impressed by the mostly error-free grammar and spelling.

There are some things you can keep to yourself and it really shouldn’t be anybody else’s business. Consider Hello Kitty underwear. You shouldn’t have to inform the government or anybody else if you’re wearing Hello Kitty underwear. But Hello Kitty underwear don’t kill people, as far as I know. You can’t overrun your local or state government offices with Hello Kitty underwear.

Guns are different. I know people love their death machines, and that’s exactly why they should be registered. Anything that can take the life of another human being with relative ease (we don’t need to register sharpened #2 pencils) should at least be listed on a sticky note somewhere.

People, we live in a community. When you live in a community, you have to abide by certain rules for the good of the people. There’s no need for you to keep military-grade assault rifles unless you’re actively protecting the lives and interests of the people in your community. I know you think that’s what you’re doing, gun lovers. But you aren’t. You really aren’t. You’re making it a more dangerous place to live. Unless you’re also qualified to drive a tank, a single handgun should be more than sufficient to protect you and yours from anything short of a dirty Commie invasion. Wait: are Commies even a threat anymore?

Also, this meme sort of incites a revolution with its “Screw the Government” overtones. Revolutions can be a good thing every now and then, but you fight a revolution when your wives and children are being trampled under the boots of an oppressive totalitarian regime (No they’re not, gun lovers!): not when you’re being politely asked to stop being such a scary prick.


3 thoughts on “Stupidity and Danger Walk Hand in Hand

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  2. I understand that you think assault weapons pose a particular danger to communities all over America and I can empathize with your concern over public safety and harmony. Your understanding of gun violence is flawed though. Hand guns account for far more deaths in this country. You legitimize the use of an easily concealable weapon while condemning one that is in fact very difficult to hide. This seems suspect. It’s obvious that a handgun is capable of causing far more mayhem (and in fact does, this is even isn’t an opinion) than a semi automatic long rifle with tactical styling. Hand guns should be banned before assault rifles if reducing violence is truly your concern. Or total prohibition on anything with a trigger, whatever. But this debate isn’t about public policy anyway. It’s just banal red state blue state piss taking. Bigotry. Whatever.

    • Hmm, I don’t see this as a bigotry issue. My concern with assault rifles is that – well, I can’t really see why the average citizen needs one. I understand and agree that far more gun violence is committed using the garden variety handgun, but assault rifles allow a person to mow down far more victims in a shorter amount of time. Also, I’m in favor of tighter regulations on all firearms. I don’t want guns to be banned outright…I just want some accountability in how they’re bought and sold.

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