So-Called Life


Wow…this is a doozy, isn’t it?

First: regardless of where you stand on the abortion debate: you’re dead wrong and evil. Don’t believe me? Just ask somebody on the opposing side.

Second: this meme is perhaps the stupidest, baddest meme I’ve ever seen. I really am at a loss for where to start.

Shall we start with “Life” on mars? Not to take too much emphasis off the importance of life, but most people don’t spell it with a capital “L”. Most people do, however, capitalize the first letters in Mars and Earth. The people who first laid out the rules of grammar and capitalization were clearly pro-choice.

So how big of a deal would it be to find a single-celled organism on Mars? It would be huge; perhaps the most important scientific news in decades, if not centuries. It would answer a question of enormous scientific and philosophical importance. Peoples’ world views would be dramatically shifted overnight. It would be reported in every news outlet.

How big of a deal is it to find a baby in a womb? It’s a very big deal for the owner of the womb, but you don’t generally hear about it on the news unless the owner of the womb happens to be British royalty.

That’s not to say that human babies aren’t important. Settle down, pro-lifers. But to compare a human fetus to the very first organism ever detected on another world…well, that seems like apples and oranges, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, I disagree that most pro-choicers wouldn’t recognize a human fetus as being alive, especially when it’s advanced enough to actually look like a human. As I understand the pro-choice argument, most pro-choicers simply want for women to have the ability to choose what they do with their own bodies. But since I have an opinion on the abortion issue, I’m dead wrong and evil, so you have to take it with a grain of salt.


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