Facebook is undoubtedly going to be my largest supplier of fresh material. Consider this gem, which was posted on the wall of a friend who constantly worries about the Evil Government coming for all our guns.

That doesn’t resemble the truth of the matter. Don’t worry, gun lovers: guns will still be plentiful! President Obama’s gun control plan limits your ability to lay your hands on penis-extending assault rifles, and requires tighter background checks before you can purchase a gun from any vendor. It also provides extra money for mental health counseling and treatment. Nowhere does the plan say that nobody can own guns of any kind.

All this information is publicly available, by the way. Seriously, it took me about a minute of searching to find the specifics of the executive orders concerning gun control. So how do we explain this meme, and the thousands like it that claim that Big Papa Obama is going to take away your pea-shooters?

Simple: people don’t want to give up their unnecessary weapons of mass destruction. They can’t say that they want to hold on to a weapon that can kill an entire football team in a matter of seconds…that would sound crazy. They blow it up into a bigger issue – a Constitutional issue. Apparently if you can convince enough people of something that isn’t true, then it sorta becomes true. At least, that’s the plan.


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