Welcome, Internet traveler, to Stupid Bad Memes. 

Like so, so many other people, I am full of seething rage and I need a venue upon which to spew that rage.  A blog seems like the ideal choice.  I have been considering creating a blog of my very own for some time, but I hadn’t hit upon the right theme.  I considered blogging about stupid song lyrics, but that would require actually listening to terrible music, and I’m not going to suffer that much for my art.  I needed a theme where inspiration would be thrust upon me, whether I asked for it or not.  Stupid bad memes arose to meet that need.

If you spend any time cruising the Internet (and the fact that you are here suggests that you do) you cannot help but be bombarded by memes.  For those of you who just learned about the Internet yesterday, a meme is an image or video that is passed from user to user across the Internet.  Most memes are feline-based, but there are a shocking number of memes that feature Willy Wonka sarcastically questioning your beliefs, irate-looking babies, and plain white text on a solid-colored background.

Many memes exist simply to transfer cuteness across the Internet.  Despite the oversaturation of cute memes, I really have no problem with them.  The world is full of anger and despair – what can it hurt to send an adorable picture of a kitten hugging a rabbit?

But some memes have a deeper, darker purpose.  Some users post memes in the hopes of condensing their political and/or religious beliefs into a pithy one-off that immediately lets their friends and acquaintences know exactly where they stand on important social issues.  The problem is that most of these memes are unforgiveably stupid.  They express points of view that are indefensible and loathesome.  They condense complex topics into a joke.  And they are everywhere.

I sincerely hope that one day I will no longer have a constant supply of fresh material for Stupid Bad Memes.  I hope that one day I will have to board up my virtual doors and say “Well folks, thanks for coming along on this whimsical tour of now-extinct human stupidity.”  But until that day comes, join me.  Even if you don’t agree with my assessment, I think you’ll enjoy the ride. 


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